Deutschland Meats
Snack Sticks: *30% ....... $5.59/lb.
Original, Hot Pepperoni or Teriyaki
(expect 35% shrink)

Bacon        .......... $4.99
New - smoked, formed,sliced & packaged

Made from rounds only. 4-6 lb. Avg.Round Weight.

Jerky .................. $5.99/lb
(Expect 60% Shrink)

Original, Teryaki, Lemon Pepper, Hot or Chipotle

  • In order to ensure flavor and texture consistencies ,venison mixing may occur to attain batch size for sausage making.
  • SAUSAGE is made in 100 lb BATCHES. to receive your own sausage, you must have at least 65 lbs. of your own trimmings. That will return approximately 100 lbs of sausage. There is an extra charge of $0.65/lb to do this.
  • Special orders will be processed after January 2019
  • The average package weight is 1 lb
  • We process the orders on a first come first serve basis
  • tags or registration numbers are required at drop off of the carcasses or trim
  • Special requests are welcome. If changing a recipe or adding additional ingredients an extra charge will be added.
  • Stew meat $1.00 / LB
  • Cheese adds $.50 /lb others will add $.10/lb
  • Special orders of links or patties adds         $.75 / lb
Sausage Making:
Percentage is gain over original game weight.
Price includes pork and/or beef added. All prices are charged on the amount made, not the weight of the game or the finished weight.

Summer Sausage*30%.... $3.49
Garlic, New Ulm or Original

Raw 1 Lb. Bulk Game:
$2.00 Pure Game       $3.25 Italian *50%
$2.49 Pork *25%       $3.25 Breakfast *50%
$2.79 Beef*25%

Links (Raw) *50%
$3.29 Fresh Brats     $3.49 Apple Brats
$3.29 Onion Brats     $3.59 Cheddar Brats
$3.69 Jalapeno/Cheddar Brats      

Cooked Links & Rings:
$3.59 Polish links *50%
$4.20 Old Fashioned Wieners *50%
$3.89 Old Fashioned Franks *50%
$3.89 Dinner Links *40%
$3.59 Bologna *50%
$3.59 Mettwurst (ring) *40%
(Also known as Country or Farmers Style)
Deposit Required:
Whole Carcass... $100.00
Trim Only........... $1.00 per pound

Whole Deer........ $100.00
Skun Deer.......... $115.00
Caping................ $60.00
                            w/ processing
Caping ONLY...... $75.00
            (paid now & goes with you)
Horns Removed. $7.00
            ( take with you)
Hide Home.......... $15.00
(pick out a hide. we do not keep specific hides. When you want a hide back, you get one of similar size from the hide pile.)
Bear... $150.00       Elk... $200.00
   Handling of spoiled carcass.... $50.00
Wild Turkey Smoking ... $35.00

Trimmings brought in:
Processing per/lb. on take home
weight ..... $0.30/lb
Deboning.... $1.45/lb

*All prices includes Beef or Pork added.
*Prices Subject to change without notice
    Pricing at time of order will apply.
*All deer products are vacuum packaged at no
    extra cost.
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