Deutschland Meats
Care Tips Before Having Your Deer or Wild Game Processed...
  • Do not age
  • Keep the meat clean
  • To ensure the quality of your trim when freezing the meat, use 1 gallon freezer bags, which allow the venison to freeze faster, and makes handling much easier for you and us
  • Please do not use garbage bags for trimmings. Use tape (not metal twisters) on bags.
  • Boneless trimmings must be clean and lean. NO hair, blood clots, fat or bones
  • Trimmings accepted until February 1st, 2015. Al trimmings must be from this season.
  • Not properly field dressed
  • Meat is not picked up from our processing facility in a timely manner after you are notified of its completion and it has to be stored in our coolers for any length of time.

Please do not call to check on your order. We will call you when your order is done. We also request you pick your order up as soon as it is completed due to limited freezer space. Thank you!
-Martin & Joyce Ziegler

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